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Bay of Kotor

Bay of Kotor is among the most beautiful bays in the world. Its pristine nature, fiord-like surroundings, steep mountains that dip right into the sea, charming fishermen villages and medieval towns will take your breath away. The enchanting beauty and abundance of cultural and historical heritage placed this bay on UNESCO list in 1979.The bay is 28 km long, while its coast is around 105 km long. The average depth of the bay is 30 m, and the deepest part of the bay is at its narrowest part called “ Verige” gorge where the depth is 75m.. Bay of Kotor is consisted of three municipalities: Kotor, Tivat and Herceg Novi. Its present name was given during Venitian period of reign, when Kotor was the most significant economical and trading centre. Because of the suitable climate, significant strategic position, its size and shape, this bay was of great importance to empires who had fleets on the Adriatic sea in the past for providing shelter from the storms as well as the good place for hiding from the enemies. For those reasons it was ruled by many throughout history, but those who left significant mark on its culture and heritage are those who stayed the longest- Venetian Republic and Austro – Hungarian Empire. Bay of Kotor was a home of the greatest seamen, not only of Montenegro, but of Europe as well. The testimony of their success and wealth are the magnificent palaces along the coast.

The climate in the bay is mild Mediterranean, and the atmosphere in its medieval towns slightly Italian. Culture, language and tradition in this charming place assimilate Italian as well. Main industry is tourism, and the main occupation of local men is, as history suggests, in maritime affairs.