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Stoliv is a beautiful and peaceful fishermen village situated at the bottom of hill Vrmac. It is consisted of two small villages- one by the sea and the other one in the middle of the hill. The upper village is semi-abandoned, with only a few houses remaining in use and the rest in varying states of picturesque ruin What stands out is the church of the prophet Elijah from the 16th century in front of which the view over the bay to Perast is sublime. The area is rich with chestnut forest and olive trees. The village got the name according the tradition young men in the past had to follow. In order to get married, a young man from Stoliv had to plant hundred (in Montenegrin STO) olives in order to prove his wealth. Mainly they did this to persuade families from Perast that didn’t want their daughters to get married in Stoliv because there was little sun over the year and they would always be sick. Nowdays, Stoliv is famous for the type of rose Kamelija, which their sailors brought in the 18th century.