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The island of St. George

One of two islands in front of Perast that captures your eyes is the island of St. George. A natural islet, surrounded with a defense wall and decorated with beautiful Cyprus trees is closed for visitors. In the 12th century it was a Benedictine abbey, and in the 17th it was looted by Turks. The church was damaged in a big earthquake in the 17th century, and after the renovation it got present day appearance. The role this island played in the history of Perast makes this extraordinary looking complex highly engrossing and unique. The most prominent townsman were buried on its old cemetery, including the “Romeo and Juliette” of Perast. Due to numerous legends and life histories going about the place , it earned the name “Dead Captain’s Island”. It is thought that the famous Swiss artist A. Böcklin found inspiration in this island for his famous painting The Isle of the Dead.