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Tre Sorelle (Three Sisters)

The palace Tre sorelle is situated near Kotor, in a local village called Prcanj. It was built in gothic style in the 15th century, and got its name according to the legend of three sisters who lived in it. Sisters were far-known for their beauty, honesty and nobleness. All sisters gave their hearts to the same man – young sea captain. However, young captain was unable to decide which sister he’s going to marry, so he decided to sail away with his ship, hoping that once he was far away from them he would realize which sister he truly loved. Sisters waited him patiently, each on the window of her room, watching ships entering the harbor, hoping he will be on one of them. They made a deal, each time one of the sister dies her window would be sealed so young captain can choose among those who remained alive. After a while, two windows were sealed. When the third sister died, there was no one to seal her window, and even today some say she’s waiting for her captain…